Sunday, January 18, 2015

Get Sh!t Done!

It seems like everywhere I look online lately someone has a new “list” to motivate me to do something.  “Top ten ways to get more done”, “5 things successful people don’t do”, “10 habits for a better marriage”, “3 things you must do now to have the career you deserve”.  Honestly, it’s starting to drive me a little nuts.  Not only do I not click on them anymore, it is becoming frustrating to me.  You don’t need a list of recommendations.  There is nothing in most of those lists that most of us don’t know about the topic.  Frankly, if you look at some of those lists and have genuinely never thought that showing up on time to work will help you, or paying attention to what your spouse is saying will improve your relationship, I’m scared for all of us.  Psychology Today online lately seems to be entirely made up of articles of these lists, and it’s a little rude.  There saying we do not have the ability anymore to sit for a few minutes and read an interesting article, life has become about bullet points. 

So, no more lists, I am going to give it to you straight.  You want a better job, relationship, and life?  Figure out what is preventing you, holding you back, or what your roadblocks are.  Look for strategies that others have used to remove those roadblocks, or take a look at yourself and your habits that aren’t working.  Stop doing what is not working, put the new strategies, habits, and plans in place.  Finally, work your ass off, done!  Work your ass of consistently and things will change.  Here is the problem, it takes hard work and sometimes a long time.  Now I know some will say, I can’t because I have depression, anxiety, bi-polar, etc. Good news, we have treatments that are highly effective, see a therapist, psychologist and work on it. 

My podcasting talk radio idol Adam Corolla was recently talking about new years resolutions on his podcast.  He only has one, “everyone needs to get their shit done”! We often look at highly successful people and say things like, “I would love to write a book like Tom Clancy”, or “I would love to have a popular podcast like Adam Corolla”.  Great news, you can!  Start somewhere and work really hard at it for a long time. 

This will be a topic my podcast buddy Steve and I will be talking about soon.  Till then, please support the cause and shop Amazon through my blog. 

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