Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quit your job

We are all in love with the idea of walking in one day to our job and proclaiming “I quit”!  At last we will be free to finally pursue our real passion in life, our true hopes and dreams.  We won't have that nasty time consuming life sucking cubicle dwelling nightmare that you call your day job.  The reality is that Chase bank still wants your mortgage payment, the grocery store doesn’t take monopoly money yet, and your six-year-olds broken arm needs real x-rays and a real cast.  Quitter by Jon Acuff can help do just that, quit.

 My wife got me this book for x-mas and she did a great job.  Jon Acuff is an author and a speaker and suffered from what a lot of us suffer from, not having your dream job.  Through his personal story and great insights he walks you through how to close the gap from you current day job to your dream job.  The basic problem is there are a lot of us out there that are working at a day job while dreaming about what we really want to do in life.  In his book, he uses the statement I am a ________, but I really want to be a ______________.  Fill in the blanks with what ever your personal situation is.  He was a serial job quitter, always looking for what was better or different.  I have to admit if I were not in such a complicated situation that I would probably also be a serial quitter.  The bad news is that Jon encourages to not quitting your day job, at least not yet.  First you have to identify what your dream job or career or situations is and then start doing it when you can, using your day job to fuel the process. Jon teaches you how to “like” your day job until you can put the pieces in place to make the transition to your dream job.  What is great is that he gives you concrete steps you can take and offers many things to watch out for from his own experience.

There is a lot I related to in his story and it is always nice not to feel like the only one out there that is trying to figure out what their dream job is and how to get it.  The bottom line is that it takes patience, discipline and commitment, things that we are not great at anymore living in our “I want it now society”.  This leads into my next book review called Shiny Objects by James Roberts, which is an eye-opening look at how we spend our money and the dangers of our consumerism society, coming soon.

I highly recommend Quitter by Jon Acuff for anyone searching for help in how to turn your day job into your dream job.

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